At DLP Lending, we pride ourselves on speed and execution. Our goal is to close your loans as quickly as possible. Documentation is a necessary part of any loan process. Below is a detailed list of all the documents that will be needed in order to close your loan.

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Property Documents

Needed Prior to Ordering an Appraisal

Purchase Contract or Agreement of Sale
Scope of Work (must use BLF template)

Personal Guarantor Documents

Needed for All Partners

Personal Financial Statement
Track Record (please use BFG template)
Credit’s Authorization Form 
Two Months Bank Statements
Photo ID

Borrowing Entity Documents

Articles of Organization/Certificate of Organization
Operating Agreement/By-laws
EIN Verification (filed SS4)
ACH Authorization

Third Party Documents

Appraisal (BFG to order)
Title Contact Info & Title Commitment
Insurance with appropriate coverage
(see 1 to 4 Units, Multi-Family, or New Construction requirements)
Flood Cert & Survey (if applicable)
Architect Letter (if applicable)

Please refer to this list of required information and forward these documents directly to as soon as possible.

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